Jane Charles


Counselling & Psychotherapy

You have taken the first step to considering change

Counsellor in Epsom and Ewell

Searching for the right person to share your inner world can be a daunting process. A few questions to ponder:
Are you seeking support with a particular difficulty in your life?
Could you benefit from having some space just for yourself?
… to explore your thoughts and feelings?
… to look at life from another perspective?
… and the time to consider any changes you may be considering.

Who I Work With…

As a Psychotherapist in Epsom, I work with individuals, couples and families with the aim of supporting you in my counselling service in Epsom in whatever direction, decisions, or path you may wish to take. You have probably thought of looking for a Counsellor because there are things you may wish to explore with the help of someone independent of your family and friends.

As a Counsellor in Epsom, I have had six years of experience of helping people with the following issues:

  • Any form of Anxiety, Addictions, Bereavement
  • and Loss, Depression, Disability, Cultural Identity,
  • Divorce/Separation, Health Concerns,
  • Redundancy, Health Retirement, Family issues,
  • Relationships, Stress and Post-natal depression

The above are just examples of some problems that I have helped people with as a Counsellor in Epsom.

As a counsellor in Epsom, I can provide you with a personal counselling service in a safe, private and non-judgemental environment.

Talking therapy can be helpful to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, cultural background or circumstances. I have helped people from all backgrounds and welcome anyone seeking help and support to my practice. It’s best to contact me yourself, however, if you are hesitant about making the first move, a referral can come from a relative, partner or close friend if the person concerned finds this easier.

I can help you... get in touch today!